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Overlooked Breast Lump Leads to $21.6M Verdict

When emergency room nurse Marlande Lazard felt a lump on her left breast, her medical training told her that she needed to get it checked out. 

The initial report said there was a mass however no determination was made if the lump was cancerous. A second opinion was requested however the radiologist never compared the most updated ultra sound and declared all clear. 

A year later and several return visits for doctors appointments and testing eventually revealed Stage 3 Breast Cancer.

With doctors telling her that she had only 12-24 months to live, she turned to the team of Friedman and Friedman. “Her prognosis is very bad” stated Coral Gables Attorney Alan Friedman. “She is not going to survive the cancer at this point.”

The case went to trial before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge John Schlesinger and the verdict was delivered in Ms. Lazard’s favor. The jury awarded $21.6M including $18M for Lazard’s pain and suffering. The facility was assigned 85% of the blame while the radiologist in question, Domesek, responsible for the remaining verdict (about $3.2M).



Wed Dec 5, 7:29pm