Cruise Ship Accidents & Malpractice

When we book a cruise, we expect a vacation full of great food, unlimited sunshine and a relaxing time away from daily life. We never expect to come home from that cruise in worse shape than when we stepped on. Cruises have huge areas of space and many different people working, exploring and enjoying the ship and while this is a great quality, it can also mean a greater opportunity for injury.

When an injury does occur, cruise goers are likely to visit the ships on-site doctor. Unfortunately, these doctors are often not practicing the level of care expected from a healthcare professional, and victims can find themselves needing to file a medical malpractice claim. There have been many cases across a variety of cruise ship companies where a ships’ doctor failed to uphold the proper medical standards and treat patients properly. Those who came in with an injury or illness often left worse off than they were before, leading to lifelong health problems.

Most people are lucky to enjoy their cruise vacations without ever knowing there was a doctor on site, but for those that they do, they may be facing a long road of dealing with the repercussions of medical malpractice. A few reasons a vacationer may need to see the ships’ doctor include:

  • Slip and Fall: possibly the most common type of injury occurring on cruise ships are slip and falls. With such a large surface open to rain and close to large bodies of water, including pools and hot tubs, it’s easy to see why floors may become wet and slippery. In addition to that, restaurants, areas where drinks are served and even dance floors can be left unkempt and cause a passenger to fall and injure themselves.

  • Recreational Accidents: There are many different things to do on a cruise ship, from swimming in the pools to participating in a variety of activities. While all of these seem fun and carefree, they can also lead to serious injuries when not conducted safely.

  • Assault: Cruise ships are considered large organizations and due to this, they must uphold the responsibility to protect their passengers from any harm, including physical or sexual assault. Whether this happens with a crew member or a fellow passenger, any passenger subjected to assault should file a lawsuit.

  • Food Poisoning: A big draw for cruise ship goers is the food. Many cruises offer unlimited food and drink packages and when this is given, it is the cruise company’s responsibility to ensure that the food is well-kept and safe to eat. If they fail to do this properly, passengers can suffer from food poisoning and serious illness.

The hardest part of being injured on a cruise ship or dealing with a negligent doctor or healthcare professional is all the different laws and hoops to jump through. Maritime law is very complicated as it is quite different from other laws and will vary depending on the exact location in the ocean where your injury occurred. In addition, large cruise ship companies will have a team of attorneys backing them up and working hard to make your claim go away.

At Friedman & Friedman, we are experienced in cruise ship injuries and cruise-related medical malpractice and we know what it takes to work for our clients and get them the compensation they deserve, regardless of maritime laws and big corporations. Don’t wait to reach out: the statue of limitations for cruise ship accidents are short. Let us get you the compensation you so rightly deserve following a cruise ship accident or medical malpractice claim so you can get back to your regular life. For more information, give us a call at 800-446-6482 or visit our website.

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