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Jury Awards $13M after Eye Injection blinds man

A chain of South Florida medical clinics is liable for more than $13 million after a patient’s cataract surgery resulted in blindness. A surgeon who was an independent contractor for Leon Medical Centers INC. injected dozens of patients’ eyes with a toxic solution, not knowing how highly concentrated it was, according to a consolidated complaint filed on behalf of 14 of the patients.

A jury found Dr Jonathan Leon-Rosen acted as an apparent agent of the medical center when he gave surgery to one of the patients , 80 year old Miguel Diaz (represented by the Law Firm of Friedman & Friedman). The finding put the company on the hook for the damages even though the jury also found Leon Medical Center s itself was not negligent. 

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Miami Herald - Leon Medical Center ordered to pay $13 million


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Thu Jul 12, 9:04pm