Medical Malpractice

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney to Handle Your Medical Malpractice Claim

When you make a mistake at work, it may be frustrating, but in the long run it’s probably not a big deal. But, if your doctor makes a mistake while performing his job, his act of malpractice could have lifelong consequences. A single instance of medical negligence can cause you serious injury, pain, suffering, and long-term disabilities.

Fortunately, you have the legal right to recover damages. It’s up to you to find a personal injury law firm with the resources and enthusiasm to fight on your behalf. If you don’t act quickly, you may miss your opportunity to get fair compensation for your injuries.

If a medical professional caused injury through negligence, consider these five reasons about why you should immediately consult with a personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Friedman and Friedman.

1. Personal Injury Cases are Complicated

Florida medical malpractice laws are complex. Courts interpret the statute of limitations differently, depending on the circumstances. To fully comprehend your rights, you must evaluate your doctor’s actions based on medical protocol, hospital records, doctor’s notes, medical summaries, and legal “standards of recovery.” After sorting through liability issues, you must analyze your injuries, disabilities and financial losses, then present your claim.

2. Your Doctor Won’t Admit Fault

To perform surgeries and difficult medical procedures, doctors must maintain self-confidence. Unfortunately, all that confidence can prevent them from admitting a mistake. Your doctor will never say, “Hey, I’m sorry, but I messed up your operation.” Sometimes they need a court judgment or formal proof before accepting responsibility for their actions.

3. You’ll Have to Deal with an Insurance Adjuster

If your doctor does file a claim, an insurance adjuster will contact you. The investigation will proceed in the same way as any other injury claim, except malpractice adjusters are usually hard-nosed and a lot tougher than typical adjusters. Some insurance companies immediately assign malpractice claims to defense attorneys.

There’s another insurance twist that takes you back to your doctor’s refusal to admit fault. Some medical malpractice policies have a “consent to pay” clause. The insurance company can’t pay a dime until the doctor gives them permission.

4. You’ll Need the Money for Bills and Household Expenses

When you are seriously injured and temporarily disabled, it changes your financial outlook. After your sick pay runs out and you must drain your savings accounts, then what? Do you move to a cheaper home; sell your car; apply for public assistance? A malpractice settlement can ease your financial burdens.

5. You Deserve Justice

If a reckless driver caused your injuries, you’d expect his insurance company to take responsibility for your medical expenses and lost wages. If they didn’t offer you an adequate settlement, you would do something about it.  Instead of feeling cheated or walking away with nothing, you would hire an attorney to file a lawsuit to get the justice you deserve.

When your doctor injures you, you should feel that same sense of injustice and anger. Even if you are uncertain about your doctor’s negligence, a personal injury attorney can uncover the truth and protect your legal interests.

We Handle the Tough Cases

If your doctor made a mistake that seriously injured you, you may be entitled to collect damages. There are many reasons why you need a legal professional to manage your case. At Friedman and Friedman, we handle only serious injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases. No matter how tough your case, we evaluate the circumstances, explain your rights, and fight hard on your behalf.

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