If you have been injured while using any type of product, it is a good idea to contact an attorney; you may have a legitimate product liability claim. This means you may be entitled to compensation due to the product manufacturer’s negligence. Although manufacturers are required to make and maintain certain regulations, there are still thousands of people in the United States who are injured each year as a result of products that are flawed in some way. There are three main types of product liability claims:

1. Flaw in Product Design

Flaw in design means the product was manufactured correctly, but there is a defect in how the product was originally designed. An example of a flawed design is an electric heater that starts a fire when it is set to high.

2. Flaw in Manufacturing

A flaw in manufacturing means that an error occurred when the product was being made. This could mean a deficiency in the materials used or negligence during the manufacturing process. An example of a flaw in manufacturing would be a toy being left with sharp plastic edges rather than having those edges smoothed. Someone injured because of this flaw in manufacturing may have a claim for product liability.

3. Insufficient Warnings or Directions

Insufficient warnings or directions means the product may have been well designed and produced, but the company failed to give adequate warnings or directions for how to use the product correctly. An example would be a common household cleaner that is highly reactive with another common chemical. If the company fails to disclose this warning and someone is injured, a product liability claim would be in order.

Product Liability Attorneys

If you suspect you have been injured due to one of these types of product liability, be sure to contact an experienced attorney at Friedman & Friedman today. Laws considering product liability are complicated; you need someone who understands the types of product liability and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call 800-446-6482 today for a free consultation regarding your defective product case.

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