More Medical Malpractice Facts You Should Know

Medical malpractice lawsuits make the news so often that one may think that every patient unhappy with the treatment he or she received from a provider runs straight to a lawyer looking to sue. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, however. A quick review of medical malpractice facts shows that the payouts from such lawsuits have actually decreased since peaking out in 2003, when total payouts nationwide reached almost $5 billion. Despite this decline, 2012 still saw payouts for over 12,140 claims, resulting in a total of $3.6 billion. Approximately 5.7% of those settlement amounts went to lawsuits filed from claimants in Florida.

Who Sues And Why?

Those wondering which types of patients are most likely to sue their providers might be surprised to find out that the numbers of lawsuits filed on outpatient cases are nearly identical to inpatient cases (41% to 45%, respectively), according to Diederich Healthcare, a leading provider of medical malpractice insurance. Their medical malpractice facts also show that the most common complaint among these lawsuits wasn’t due to errors in actual treatment, but rather a failure to diagnose conditions or problems that led to further health complications down the road.

The Price Victims Pay

According to Diederich’s numbers, nearly 31% of all cases involved a patient’s death. In such cases, the expenses associated with death are often also coupled with a major financial void left for the victim’s family to deal with. As such, the funds from a medical malpractice settlement can go a long way towards filling that void and helping the family get justice for their loss.

Trusted Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys

These and other medical malpractice facts highlight the need for experienced attorneys to assist victims in such cases. Having an attorney familiar with medical malpractice cases as an ally during such a dispute can only help those looking to take on the providers they believe to be responsible for their pain and suffering. For more medical malpractice facts or to schedule a FREE consultation with an attorney at Friedman & Friedman, call (305) 446-6485 (toll free 800-446-6482) today.

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